CIHR Research Projects Funded

Vancouver Prostate Centre investigators were highly successful, receiving 6 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) research grants in the Fall 2017 Project Grants competition for a total of $3.48 million over five years. ( )

The projects funded are listed below.

Ralph Buttyan (co-Is: Artem Cherkasov, Nathan Lack, Na Li): 3 years, $344,250

Interference with Gli to Control Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

Artem Cherkasov (co-Is: Paul Rennie): 3 years, $459,000

Design and evaluation of small molecules that target the dimerization interface of full-length and splice-variant forms of the androgen receptor as a potential treatment for advanced prostate cancer

Mads Daugaard & William Derry (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto): 5 years, $1,113,075

Role of alternative polyadenylation in Ras-driven cancers

Xuesen Dong: 5 years, $699,975

RNA splicing regulates prostate cancer progression to hormone therapy resistant neuroendocrine tumors

Martin Gleave & Nathan Lack (co-Is: Artem Cherkasov, Paul Rennie, Robert Young) – Commercialization Project Grant: 2 years, $351,900

Preclinical development of a novel androgen receptor antagonist to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer

Alex Wyatt & Kim Chi: 3 years, $516,375

Predicting therapy resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer with circulating tumor DNA

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