Dr. David Harriman Recruited to Urologic Sciences at UBC to join the Academic Transplant Program

We are pleased to announce that David Harriman, a fellowship trained Abdominal Organ Transplant expert will be returning to the UBC Faculty of Medicine as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Urologic Sciences, effective July 1, 2019. Dr. Harriman has spent 2 years in North Carolina at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, an accredited American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) Kidney and Pancreas Fellowship, working with pioneers and innovators in the field of transplantation; Dr. Robert Stratta, Dr. Jeffrey Rogers, Dr. Alan Farney, Dr. Giuseppe Orlando and Dr. Colleen Jay. The abdominal organ transplant program at Wake Forest is fully integrated, with transplant surgeons involved in research, immunosuppression, and rejection management in close collaboration with transplant nephrology. Prior to his subspecialty training, Dr. Harriman completed his MD degree (2012) and Urology residency (2017) at the University of British Columbia.


Clinically, Dr. Harriman will be joining the Vancouver General Hospital renal transplant group, consisting of transplant surgeons (Dr. Christopher Nguan and Dr. Mark Nigro), as well as transplant nephrologists (Dr. Olwyn Johnston, Dr. James Lan and Dr. Matthew Kadatz). He will provide pre-transplant, surgical care and post-transplant management of this complex patient population within a multidisciplinary, team environment. He plans to remain active in all aspect of kidney and pancreas transplantation with special interests in transplantation of kidneys from marginal donors and transplantation of medically and surgically high risk recipients. Dr. Harriman will be an active member of all clinical transplant research initiatives involving the VGH renal transplant group, and will be involved in medical education, specifically surgical mentorship and developing systems to enable trainees to learn and perform to their highest level.


Dr. Harriman will be working closely with Dr. Christopher Nguan with the goal of establishing a world class transplant research program. His main research objective, in collaboration with established basic scientists at the Vancouver Prostate Center, will be focused on elucidating molecular mechanism contributing to renal allograft dysfunction with the goal of identifying novel biomarkers of rejection and ischemia / reperfusion injury to be used for diagnostic and therapeutic targeting. Dr. Harriman also has interests in the human microbiome and how this relates to kidney health and disease with the goal of understanding how the urinary microbiome modulates immune response.


Please welcome Dr. Harriman back to the Department of Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, UBC.