Functional Urology

Functional urology involves the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders in the lower urinary tract such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and neurologic disorders involving the external genitalia and bladder. The Department of Urologic Sciences works in conjunction with the Bladder Care Centre at UBC Hospital, which provides both video and conventional urodynamic assessment of bladder function.

Under the leadership of Dr. Alex Kavanagh, Dr. Mark Nigro and Dr. Lynn Stothers, our physicians are actively involved in spinal cord injury and neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction research at iCORD (International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries). This spinal cord injury research centre allows for collaboration between our researchers and other physician scientists with an interest in spinal cord injury.

Active research interests include pelvic organ prolapse imaging modalities, non-invasive tissue perfusion monitoring (NIRS), population health of neurogenic bladder and spinal cord injured patients, and optical targeting of urinary tract pathogens with bactericidal light stimuli.