Surgical Technologies Experimental Laboratory and Advanced Robotics (STELLAR) Facility

The Surgical Technologies Experimental Laboratory and Advanced Robotics (STELLAR) facility is an initiative founded by Drs. Martin McLoughlin and Dr. Christopher Nguan to provide a technological incubator for innovations in applied engineering research relating to surgery.  The STELLAR environment consists of collaborators in the UBC Department of Applied Sciences: Divisions of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Department Computer Science.  Our primary collaborators include the researchers in the UBC Robotics and Control Laboratory, led by Professors Tim Salcudean and Robert Rohling.  Associated investigators include Professors Purang Abolmaesumi and Mehdi Moradi from UBC ECE.

The combined investigators have thus far established a vibrant image guided- and robotics oriented research program partnered with Intuitive Surgical (Sunnyvale CA).  We are one of only a handful of groups in the world with a research partnership and agreement with Intuitive Surgical allowing us to develop novel devices and services as adjuncts to the current, and only, commercially available surgical robot, the daVinci surgical system.

Please contact Dr. Chris Nguan for more information on the STELLAR lab, our investigators or our ongoing projects to find out more.