Congratulations to Rohit Singla, 2023 Recipient for the Professor Madanlal T. Wasan Memorial Prize awarded to the outstanding PhD graduate



Dr. Rohit Singla is an MD/PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering specializing in artificial intelligence and ultrasound physics while supervised by Dr. Christopher Nguan, MD and Dr. Robert Rohling, PhD. His research aims to explore how ultrasound can be used to quantify intrinsic kidney disease from the whole organ down to the microstructural level, and develop non-invasive imaging-based biomarkers to optimize chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation management. He is a passionate innovator, striving to drive transformative impact in human health through cutting-edge technology, computational prowess, and clinical aptitude. 






A selection of his PhD awards and recognitions include:

  1. IODE Canada War Memorial Award (2023)
  2. Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Top Graduating Doctoral Student (2023)
  3. UBC Faculty of Medicine Clinician Investigator Scholarship (2019, 2023)
  4. UBC Faculty of Applied Science Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence (2021)
  5. Kidney Foundation of Canada Allied Health Doctoral Fellowship (2021 – 2023)
  6. MICCAI Outstanding Reviewer, top 1% (2021)
  7. American Society of Transplant Surgeons Presidential Student Mentor Grant (2021)
  8. Island Health Urology Dept. Dr. J. Paul Whelan Urology Award (2021)
  9. NSERC Vanier Scholarship, ranked 1st nationally (2020 – 2023)
  10. UBC School of Biomedical Engineering BC MEDTECH Graduate Award (2019)

The first-author publications during his PhD studies include:

  1. Singla R, et al. (2023). Automatic measurement of kidney dimensions in two-dimensional ultrasonography is comparable to expert sonographers. Journal of Medical Imaging. 10(3): 034003.
  2. Singla R, et al. (2023). The Kidneys Are Not All Normal: Transplanted Kidneys and Their Speckle Distributions. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 49(5): 1268-1274.
  3. Singla R, et al. (2022). Speckle and Shadows: Ultrasound-Specific Physics-Based Data Augmentation for Kidney Segmentation. International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 1139-1148.
  4. Singla R, et al. (2022) The Open Kidney Ultrasound Data Set. arXiv preprint arXiv:2206.06657.
  5. Singla R, et al. (2022). Kidney ultrasound for nephrologists: a review. Kidney Medicine 4 (6), 100464. 
  6. Singla R and Nguan C. (2023). Perspective Chapter: Service Robots in Healthcare Settings. IntechOpen. 
  7. Singla R, et al. (2021). Ultrasound-inspired Adaptations for Multi-class Contrastive Segmentation. Medical Imaging at NeurIPS Workshop.