Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Epidemiology uses the study of patterns, causes and effects of disease to inform and enhance clinical practice. Clinical epidemiologists are trained in clinical research design, methods of data collection and analysis of that data. The design and implementation of clinical trials and observational studies, performing systematic reviews and development of practice pathways are a few examples of the tangible application of clinical epidemiology.

Evidence-based care is the cornerstone of modern clinical medicine. The mission of our epidemiology and biostatistics team is to achieve and maintain excellence in urologic patient care, research and education. This cannot exist without significant emphasis on generating, teaching, disseminating and using high-quality evidence. Under the leadership of Dr. L. Stothers and Dr. K. Afshar, opportunities have been created to further efforts in advancing evidence-based urology. Dr. Stothers and Dr. Afshar have worked extensively on questionnaire development and validation in the areas of lower urinary tract symptoms, neurogenic bladder and paediatric urology.