Mens Health

The Men’s Health Initiative of British Columbia (MHIBC) officially launched in 2009, with a clear mission to add 10 healthy and active years into the life of every man. Under the direction of Dr. Goldenberg, several members of the Department of Urologic Sciences drive the province-wide venture, by forming effective collaborations with many other UBC health programs.

As the newest discipline in the Department of Urologic Sciences, Men’s Health endeavours to empower and educate men to recognize their own healthcare risks and challenges. Offering targeted services, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support, the initiative aims to improve men’s health and quality of life, while raising awareness through education campaigns and research. By fostering an interactive Men’s Health Network, sponsoring discussion groups and developing provincial protocols, it’s expected the program will help support primary care physicians in managing patient care.

Leveraging strong cross-disciplinary partnerships, the program conducts medical, social and psychological research in significant areas of men’s health, including: male infertility, male andropause and androgen replacement therapies, sexual health (couple’s health) and benign diseases of the prostate.