Fellowship Program

Under the direction of Dr. A. So, the Uro-Oncology fellowship at UBC provides advanced skills and knowledge in the clinical and research aspects of Urological Oncology and robotic surgery. A minimum of two years in duration, the fellowship includes a laboratory research year, and at least one year* in clinical oncology. The mission of the program is to train surgeons to provide excellent clinical care, and apply integrated research and technological advances to the improvement of clinical care in all subspecialties of urology.

Fellowship students focus on an advanced understanding of the biology of urologic malignancies, and the application of the principals of medical oncology, radiation oncology and uropathy in the treatment of patients. The laboratory year focuses on laboratory techniques, methodology and approaches to tumour biology. Additional requirements include the submission of peer review articles, a familiarization with state of the art imaging modalities and clinical trial experience. The clinical training involves practical skills like complex tumour resections, as well as the implementation of progressive patient care, and a clear understanding of the limitations of surgical procedures.

The Uro-Oncology fellowship and the DUS is the leading urologic program in Canada, headquartered in one of the world’s most respected cancer facilities.

*a one year clinical fellowship may be considered in special circumstances


UBC Urology Fellows