Male infertility can be caused by an obstructive issue such as a blockage in the male reproductive tract, or by a non-obstructive issue such as a problem with sperm production. The department of Urologic Sciences offers a full evaluation for men who have difficulties conceiving. This includes a complete work-up from the initial history and physical examination, to tertiary level investigations such as radiologic investigations, genetic testing and diagnostic procedures.

The fertility team works work closely with Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility (REI) colleagues at the Olive Fertility Centre, Genesis Fertility Centre, UBC Centre for Reproductive Health, and the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine to evaluate couples struggling with infertility, and to help plan assisted reproductive techniques.

Under the leadership of Dr. Nigro, Dr. Chow and Dr. Poon, expertise is offered in the areas of microsurgical reconstruction, microsurgical varicocelectomies, transurethral resections, electroejaculation and microscopic vasovasostomies/vasoepididymostomies for vasectomy reversals or congenital obstruction. Surgical sperm retrieval techniques are comprised of epididymal sperm aspiration (microsurgical and percutaneous), testicular extraction and testicular microdissection.

Active research is ongoing within the department itself, as well as in conjunction with the UBC Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology.