For Prospective Trainees

The Department of Urologic Sciences provides a program in all aspects of urology including uro-oncology, renal transplantation, pediatric urology, reconstructive urology, urodynamics and andrology.  The duration of the program is five years following graduation including two years of pre-urology training.

Strengths of the program include a very high volume clinical exposure to all aspects of urology.  Especially strong training is available in all aspects of urological oncology with formal exposure to the radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Separate pediatric urological rotations are mandatory.  A very high pass rate has been obtained on the Royal College examinations over the past 20 years.

We do not have a mandatory rural rotation.  We offer an elective 3-4 month Urology rotation usually in the PGY-4 year which can be rural, urban community, or academic.  We encourage community experience, but we think flexibility is important.  Because it is neither mandatory nor rural there is no financial support for this elective experience from the postgraduate dean’s office.

You are welcome to view  the “What is Urology” video regarding urology residency.

Please see the official UBC Urology section of the CaRMS Website for more information.

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