Men’s Health


With a life expectancy a full five years less than women, men are the population at greatest risk of mortality and morbidity.  The discipline of Men’s Health is a proposed new section in the Department of Urologic Sciences.  It will provide male-focused information, services and products through a combined program of offline and online diagnosis, treatment and support for men in pursuit of their physical and psycho-socio-sexual health.  The Section will empower the male health consumer to optimize and personalize the identification, monitoring and self-management of his own healthcare risks and challenges.  It will help primary care physicians manage their patients by creating an interactive, collaborative Men’s Health Network, sponsoring discussion groups and developing provincial protocols and guidelines.  It is hoped and anticipated that these services will help men individually and collectively live healthier lives for the benefit, not only of men, but their partners, their children, their parents, their workplaces and society.

This program will conduct both primary and secondary medical, social and psychological research in significant areas of men’s health.  Historically, the following disease states have fallen within the realm of Urologic Sciences and we have expertise at UBC in them all: male infertility, male andropause and androgen replacement therapies, sexual health (couple’s health), and benign diseases of the prostate.  Obviously, all of these areas of interest require close partnerships with other disciplines gynecology, family medicine, endocrinology, psychiatry, psychology, social work and nursing.  The discipline of Men’s Health is a key strength of our Department.