Dr Amina Zoubeidi awarded Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Cancer Therapy Resistance

Congratulations to Dr Amina Zoubeidi for being awarded the Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Cancer Therapy Resistance!

Dr. Zoubeidi’s research program aims to provide mechanistic insight into the molecular (genetic and epigenetic) sources that fuel tumour cell plasticity and emergent aggressive resistance phenotypes following targeted therapy. She leverages this knowledge to identify early detection biomarkers and nominate new targets to block the pathways utilized by tumour cells to gain access to cell plasticity that can be targeted alone or in combination to improve the efficacy of existing therapies and patient outcomes. Importantly, as lineage reprogramming is emerging as a conserved mechanism of resistance across tumour types, results from her research program may have relevance in other highly prevalent cancers, such as melanoma and lung and breast cancer.

Dr. Zoubeidi is a Professor at the Department of Urologic Sciences and Senior Scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. She is Michael Smith Scholar, who received multiple awards including PCF Challenge Award, UBC Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Awards for Overall Excellence-Early Career (2014) and for Excellence in Basic Science (2018), and three Teaching Awards for Excellence in Basic Science, Department of Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (2014, 2017 & 2018). Dr. Zoubeidi has been awarded a number of prestigious grants, including a Prostate Cancer Canada Translation Acceleration Grant, US Prostate Cancer Foundation Challenge award, and numerous Canadian Institute of Health Research awards and Terry Fox Research Institute awards. She is devoted mentors and her trainees received scholarships and awards from CIHR, MSFHR, PCF USA, PCC and US DOD and went on having successful  career in academia and industry.